School Spirit Party (2018)

We had our 2nd school spirit week right before our holiday break. The first time the Student Council ran a spirit week, our team decided to host a party after school for the students who chose to dress up for at least 4 of the 5 days as a way to promote spirit with our 7th graders. The teachers kept track of kids dressed up, and students received an invitation to the party. We enjoyed cake, chips, cookies, cider and played games in the library at the first party.

For this spirit week we followed the same plan. The only difference? We’d be eating gingerbread house and all the other things. Every year my family makes a house and who better to eat it than the 7th graders? (This year it was a brownstone. Many kids were curious about how it was made, how long it took etc. Read about it here)


Just over 40 students were invited to the party. Many of them could come (because of ski club and the end of season basketball party we had some kids who were unable – no cloning for parties just yet!) We gathered in the library and soon it was time to smash the house!

Before the demolition. Thanks to Kym Starkweather for the photo.

I’ve done this before where we let everyone in and it is pandemonium. The library is carpeted and we were trying to be neat, so we chose 4 kids to be our “house breakers.” Following the demolition, Sarah Whalen and I broke the house into pieces that were roughly equitable for the kids.

View our VERY short house breaking video.

Party Pictures

Following the demolition, following brief chaos we all managed to line up and take reasonable portions of everything; chips, house, cider, cookies, pretzels and of course the candy from the house!

The kids enjoyed hanging out and chatting mostly, with some chess playing. Thanks to parents for helping their kids show their school spirit for that week before break! We hope to offer another party with yet another focus later in the year. Maybe it’s time to do pizza?

We offer a special thank you to Gail Brisson and Beth Koeng for opening up the library after school for this grade level. It makes it more relaxing and comfortable than hosting in a classroom space!!