Pi Day! (2018)

Gail Brisson nabbed some pictures for us as the kids were rotating through each station. View our slideshow below. Read on for more about our Pi Day celebration. Many thanks to our 3 parent volunteers that helped us with the day. We really appreciate your help! Many thanks to our judges and to all the Math 7 team members that made this day possible. It was a lot to coordinate but we pulled it off.

Pi Day was a fun celebration for our 7th graders!! We had to delay a day due to a late season snow storm (read all about our delay in our Week #26 updates) but we celebrated anyway just a day late!! The kids rotated through a series of stations that included:

  • Pi Recitations for a judge
  • Pie Eating
  • Game playing and pi wordsearch
  • Pi Chain making and math problem challenge
  • Calculating Pi
  • Project Viewing

Here are just some of the links to the many projects that our 7th grade Library Media Literacy classes made!! They worked hard at this and embraced it. 

Pixton projects:

Powtoon projects:

The kids rotated in groups and had a chance to recite as many digits of pi as they could memorize for our judges. There was a winner for each group – and they got a big pi cookie! Congrats to our pi recitation winners; Ally Latini, Libby Tielens, Keira Burton, Ari Elmore, Ella Koski, Noemi Donenfeld and (check last winner and insert). All of the kids did a GREAT job with this!!