Meet our 7th Graders

7th grade is a year filled with a lot of excitement for kids! In Trumansburg it is the kids’ 3rd year of middle school, BUT this year is also the first opportunity to play modified sports. It is a year that kids are faced with balancing their work-load a little more as well. Like any year, they are learning more about themselves and what they enjoy in school.

In our school we have large bulletin boards in our hallways and thanks to our PTO they are now painted vibrant colors. Our floor’s boards are red! As part of 7th grade, I use our popsicle sticks from class to randomly invite two students for an “interview” every other Wednesday during lunch. These students can invite up to 3 friends each to join the group. We enjoy lunch and I bring in a big cookie for each student as they share about their favorite things in 7th grade.

We’re about halfway through our interviews now, and we’ve had Ms. Whalen join us for one of the gatherings. The kids are asked to answer the following questions on a paper that gets hung in the hallway. I have just a few rules that I’ll share after the question.

  1. My Sports & Hobbies (you can include school or non-school sports and any hobbies)
  2. One thing I love about 7th grade (it has to be something about school itself – not 2:46. I discourage saying lunch and study hall because almost everyone likes lunch and study hall)
  3. Three words that best describe me (For this you have to be kind to yourself with the word you choose. Say flattering things. Treat yourself like your best friend)

The pictures below capture our first half of the year. I removed them before break and put them in the kids’ portfolios so that they can bring them home at the end of the year with all their other 7th grade math things.

As with all the photos, click into it to view it as a large size so you can see the writing.

My favorite part of this is watching the kids and teachers check out the interviews as they walk by. It is a fun way to learn just a little bit more about every student in the grade.