2nd Annual Pi Day (2019)

Check out our slideshow below to see all the pictures from Pi Day. Read on after the pictures to get a glimpse of our celebratory day.

This year our 7th graders enjoyed the 2nd annual Pi Day!! We changed a few things from last year’s celebration. This year we had a team of students plan the event together with me. We met during lunch and recess to determine our activities and to do the prep work for creating a great day for the kids.

7th grade student Greta created sign up sheets for our parents to contribute PIES and to help us with serving. She learned how to use Sign-up Genius to set everything up. It was such a great help to have her do all this planning.

Ellie S. created a key code for our long “chain of pi” where each digit had a different color assigned. Lucy cut all the strips of paper for this great chain.

Lucas B. brought in a “Wheel of Pi” and Greta made an answer key for our math problems. Committee members Carlos, Lucas and Greta helped make posters for our hallway and some 7th grade classes had some time to make even more posters to advertise for the day! Students were given the opportunity to solve math problems to earn a chance for another slice of pie! All the kids on the planning team helped to create posters and decide what we should do for our activities. The entire 7th grade has been invited to join in a Thank You note writing party on Tuesday during recess. We had 31 adults involved in helping making this day really special for our kids!! Thank you parents and teachers for your time, baked goods and support.

Reciting Pi

All the students had the opportunity to practice learning the digits of pi. We spent VERY little time on this in our classroom. We listened to a song and practiced once or twice over the last month. Their memorizing work was at home, using materials posted in Google classroom or found online. All students were able to recite something and we had a fair number of kids in the double digits. Some even hit triple digits!! WOW. I hope they remember this for years to come. Everyone received a pi tattoo after they shared their memorized digits with the class!

A special thank you to our judges recruited by Lucy: Anthony Ouckama, Jennie Mayo, Lauren Bujnicki, Megan Conaway and Lora Hine.

The day wouldn’t have been possible without so many great pies provided by our parents (and students)! We enjoyed coconut cream, pumpkin, pecan, chocolate fudge, s’mores, apple, cherry, blueberry, peach, butterscotch, grasshopper and more. It was so challenging to make a choice!!

We all appreciate our parents coming in to help cut and serve the pies. It is not easy to manage a group of eager 7th graders in line for pie and they all handled it like pros!! Thank you to our parents for your time baking and serving. I think the kids really enjoyed the eating portion of this event.