7th Grade Interviews

It is official! Our 7th graders have all been interviewed. A group of students met with me every other Wednesday during lunch to share a little bit about themselves. We talked about their favorite things from 7th grade, shared some sports and hobbies and chose words to describe our personalities. Our time ends with enjoying a sweet treat before heading back for recess. These little write-ups have been on display in the 2nd floor hallway for the year. The first half of the grade was complete by the new year and the 2nd half of the grade just finished.

I have really enjoyed this opportunity to get to know the kids just a bit more than one can in a math class! It is fun to watch them interact with their friends and peers in a not so structured situation. I’ve included the bulletin board pictures to share with you so you can see what they have shared about themselves. Missing your child’s interview? Read this post to see first half of the interviews.

Are you wondering if you will get to see the sheets they filled out? The answer is YES. They are saved in their math portfolio in our classroom. This will come home at the end of the year.