Floating Classroom field trip

This year the 7th grade went on their annual Floating Classroom field trip. Last year I was assigned to stay back with a few kids so this was my first time on the trip. I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I had heard about it from my own kids when they went in grade 7, so I looked forward to seeing the teacher side of things.

We had the kids in 6 groups, each led by a teacher and at least one parent chaperone. Thanks SO much to our parents for spending the day with us. It was lovely to have so many adults on our trip. I led group 2 and we spent a portion of our day alone (our hike) and we merged with group 6 for the boat ride and with group 1 for our time at the stream. In middle of the day we had a long period of time where we were able to eat, play on the playground and swim.

Here is a slideshow of group 2 with some of group 6, some of group 1 and some overlap of the entire grade.


My group represented Trumansburg Central School very well – I was proud of them! I asked several kids what their favorite part of the trip was. Here are some replies:

  • Swimming!
  • The boat.
  • I liked the hike.
  • Just hanging out and being at the park.

Some of the wishes included time to hike the rim trail (I echo that so definitely want to add that if we can) and more swim time (yes of course!)

We happened to be down there on a lovely weather day and there were a lot of groups at the park. One thing I noticed  was that another school was firing up the grills for lunch for the kids. That would be a fun way to do things in the future! I also think it would be nice to have someone bring down a big ice-cream tub and do ice-cream sundae cones to end the day!

This was a fun way to end the year. I go to the park at least 3 times a week for hiking or running and it was fun to be there in a different way. I think my favorite part was tied between the boat and watching the kids swim. So many of the kids hadn’t been on a boat before and it was fun to see their excitement and help them through their fear too! One of our young ladies saw the water and just sprinted in. I thought, “Wow so much changes in a brain between middle school and high school and our adult years. I wish we stayed that enthusiastic!” (I can only speak for myself that I do not run in with that enthusiasm and I do remember a time when I did). Later I talked with her and asked her what her favorite part of the day was. Without hesitation she said, “SWIMMING!” I commented that it was fun to watch her run in. She said, “that’s the only way to do it.”

Thank you to all the people from the Floating Classroom that did a really great job leading our crew!