Halloween 2019

I adore seeing the costumes kids come to school in on Halloween. We always spend just a few minutes snapping some pictures of each class. Our Halloween in math is limited to a Halloween activity that supports what we’re doing in class. After a brief lesson focus finishing up work from the day prior we moved into our Halloween part of the day.

In Algebra our focus was a graphing picture that reinforced domain and range; a topic that we’re discussing. A lot of different pieces of lines will ultimately come together to form a pumpkin face. That pumpkin face comes together with coloring based on the areas of the shapes formed. In Math 8 we used translations and reflections to draw a pumpkin face graph.

We also celebrated our Kindness box. This is something we do every two weeks. The students are looking to catch each other doing kind things for others. This is part of our school wide Kindness focus. The highlight for this two week period is that 3 of our young ladies took time to write positive notes to a lot of students. They put the notes in lockers and waited for the kids to find them. I was in the hallway supervising students when they came across these notes. I loved seeing the smiles on their faces. Some came over to ask me if I knew who wrote the note. We had many other gestures of kindness. One student helped another put things into perspective after a poor test grade, students picked up headphones for others, loaned pencils, held doors open and more. I’ve challenged them to again think bigger – how can they spread kindness in the building.

Now it is time to share the pictures of these great outfits!! The first picture is from the day before Halloween but it is too good not to share.

Girls and their hair in study hall.
Period 9 Halloween costumes.
A make-up picture for kids who weren’t ready for class in costume and/or had to miss class.
Period 7 Halloween costumes.
Period 6 Halloween costumes.
Period 3 Halloween costumes.
Period 2 Halloween costumes.