2020 Goals

The 8th grade students all set goals for themselves for 2020 that are featured on one of our giant bulletin boards at school. Many of our students have set academic goals and a lot have set personal goals. Check out the picture to see your child’s goal? Don’t see one for your child? All students were invited to participate, but some struggled to decide on something to focus on. I am so proud of them for setting their sights high. Click on the picture to see a larger view. I listed off some of the goals below the picture.

I will work smarter, not harder. -Jordan

I will strive to be less distracted by my phone so I can study more. -Ayala

I will learn drumset so I can make jazz band next year. -Lucy

I strive to do 150 pushups in a row and be insanely good at basketball. -Paul

I will drink more water. -Dakota

I will be kind and polite to people. -Jenny

I will save $100 and keep it at least 6 months. -Chris

I will work out 4 times each week. -Casey

I will focus. -Lucas H.

In 2020 I will get to my classes on time. -Ayden

I love walking by the board and seeing what they are striving for. It is fun to watch students in other grades check out the ideas as well. Whether you are one for resolutions at the start of a year or not, just having a focus can often help you achieve. Many of our students have set an academic goal. I am already seeing very positive changes in the classroom. Students are striving to achieve their goals!