Photo update


This week in Algebra we reviewed factoring to prepare us for our quadratic unit. We worked through stations, spent time in our much used and loved DeltaMath all to strengthen our foundation!

Math 8

In Math 8 we’re finishing up our study of functions. I’ll be the first to say it – functions can be really challenging for the kids. I’m trying to walk the line between really supporting them and asking them to think through things. When math and ELA blend with a lot of wordy problems kids can get scared off by the reading demands. To support this we spent a couple of days with some partner work on our more challenging word problems. Students had bingo chips to trade in for question asking – something to give them a bit of a pause before asking for help. I saw amazing team work and really strong thinking from most partner groups. We talked about how teaching others is one of the best ways to truly learn something yourself and how collaboration strengthens our skills. Most kids took that to heart and really gave it all to this task. This activity counts as a test grade and we’ll finish our unit with a traditional test next Wednesday.


Some of our clubs have wrapped up as spring closes in but others are still meeting. Our Game club had one member on Friday and he treated us to a domino knock down. The Gay Straight Alliance continues to meet on Fridays and our TED talk crew plans to continue on Thursdays. A new grade 7 and 8 Heritage club plans to start this Tuesday and will continue into spring.