Pi Day 2020

Wow were we lucky!! Our classes squeaked in Pi day on 3.13, Friday before the actual day of Pi celebration. In grade 8 our curriculum focus is on learning the volume of spheres, cylinders and cones. So, what did we do? Well of course we brought in foods with these shapes. Our Algebra students joined in the festivities with a review day.

Thank you parents!

Our parents signed up to bring Bugles (conical shaped snack foods), ice-cream cones, ice-cream (and to scoop ice-cream for us), Lindt truffles, malted milk balls, grapes, breadsticks, donut holes and much much more. We had no shortage of food to enjoy for our celebration.

What about the math?

We actually did a lot of math. Our celebration was so civilized and orderly. Students worked through increasingly more difficult problems. We started with basic computation problems and moved into the more complicated word problems. Friday turned out to be our last day of school before Cornonavirus shut down schools in the country. We had planned to continue our work with the word problems on Monday.

Pictures and Pi day thoughts

First, I’m so grateful to my principal for allowing us to host this in the midst of the national events unfolding. We took every precaution. We served only pre-packaged foods. We had adults serving with food service gloves on. Students washed hands before entering class and no one shared food.

Secondly I’m grateful to our parents and students for signing up and helping us enjoy the festivities! And lastly I’m just really appreciative that if we have to be pulled from school that our Friday before we left was FUN. The kids learned and celebrated and enjoyed the time. I took pictures EVERY period except the last one. I will be honest – I just forgot. Things were so chaotic by the end of the day that I didn’t quite have my head screwed on straight. Enjoy our pictures of MOST of the grade.