2020 Classroom Pictures

Our 7th and 8th graders are returning to our hybrid school model a little later than the other students in our building due to construction. Our rooms are ready for us and Monday October 5th is our return to school day.

Normally my room is arranged with desks in quads with a lot of group work. This year with COVID-19 all classrooms are in rows with proper social distancing. This means I have room for 12 desks in the classroom and we all face the same direction. It reminds me of many of the classroom arrangements when I was in school. I took a few pictures to share!

After a few hours in the room it is all set for the kids and me to spend our days here! I am confident we’ll get used to our desks and enjoy learning together whether we’re part of the Blue group (Monday/Tuesday in person and W-F virtual), the Gold group (Wednesday/Thursday in person and M, Th, F virtual) or Virtual every day.

View of front of room, complete with brand new SmartBoard.
Side whiteboard. We’ll have learning targets and announcements here.
View of the left side of room when standing in the front.