Hybrid Week #1

Well we DID it! The 8th graders had their first hybrid week back in our building. It was the 4th week of school but for most it felt like the first week back … after 7 months away.

The High Points

On Thursday I asked our Gold group (this is the Wednesday and Thursday in person cohort of kids) to share their favorite and least favorite parts of being back in school. In some classes we used it as a wrap-up and in others it was a midway “brain break” from some challenging exponent work. Here are their thoughts.

Looking ahead and reflecting back

I was pretty pleased that after 3 weeks of virtual learning (and a summer of studying School Tool pictures) I recognized almost every student this week. Even with how challenging virtual learning can be, I felt like we really connected enough in those first few weeks to have a launching off point for week 4.

As I look ahead I am hopeful that the kids will settle well into this 2 and 3 (or all virtual) routine. I hope that for the kids that have chosen hybrid those two days are enough normalcy to help them stay motivated for the other two days. Math builds on itself so it doesn’t work out all that well if kids come in on Wednesday without having looked at Monday and Tuesday’s lessons.

How can parents support?

Our daily plan is that kids come in and they see either a green dot or a red dot on the board. The green means we’re using technology and they should promptly open their Chrome books and check our daily announcement in Brightspace. After they do anything that requires, they head to the Content page and then shut their Chrome book halfway. When everyone has this completed it is my signal they are ready to start. A couple of things parents can do. They should also have their composition book and folder and pencil out.

Remind your child to do this exact same thing at home; check the announcement and then get into the lesson. Know that your child is welcome to attend live class. We have a few students who have chosen to do this (when it works with their check-in schedule) and it is going very well for them. If you have more questions about how this works please reach out.

Know that Friday will be our iReady assignment day. This is an every Friday thing that I will show on Mondays in Brightspace so that students can split it into small bits during the week if they prefer. Please note – Algebra students will always have to juggle iReady and Algebra work on Fridays. Our curriculum is too dense to not have instruction on Friday.

Time to prepare for week #2!

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