Regents Review Photos

The photos below show a few things. Each student was given an index card and asked to write a measurable goal (something they could check off a list and something they could control). For example, “I will study 30 minutes each day” instead of something they hope happens, “I will get a 98.” However, I also asked them to name a target score (I won’t accept a goal of less than 85 because that is considered mastery by the state and while we may not all hit it, we certainly won’t if we aren’t shooting for it).

After this, I wrote all the measurable goals on the board and listed the numerical goals so they are all in plain sight for us every day (and so someone can consider “leveling up” and stealing someone else’s measurable action step). A note about the goal of doing a bit more than someone else. I’ve been sharing about my current running challenge with the kids all year long. We had a new FLRC Challenge for the spring season and I’ve found myself in a little friendly competition with a good friend. We’ve been logging miles on a local course and trying to be just a smidge faster than the other and trying to log the most miles on the course. I see this competition as making us both a bit better than we would have been without it no matter who “wins” ultimately. It is the same in academics – that friendly competition helps both parties! And if you are into running or just want to see what I’ve shared, here is my athlete page. If you select Taughannock Rim and Falls you can see just how many times I’m hitting this trail. I have to keep it going until August to win the sign for the course.

Below the goal pictures, you will see our groups in the after-school review session on our second day – finishing our bingo game. The time flew by (for me at least) and I think the kids had a good time and learned a few things along the way.

I think my favorite moment of the week came when a student said on Friday, “this is fun! I think I can increase my goal. May I change it?” I smiled and said, “Sure!” She upped it one point and said, “I may raise it another on Monday.” That’s really the point of all this after all – we’re learning and growing every minute!