2022 Evening Review Photos

As is custom, we gathered for our evening review session a few days before our Regents. We had a lovely night and almost every student was available to attend. In prior years, I’ve tried really hard to coordinate a date, surveying and checking in and we’ve never really found the perfect date. This year, I had only one available evening so I ran with the one that worked for me and hoped it could work for the kids.

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I recruited my husband for pizza and ice cream (two deliveries because we couldn’t risk melting) and came up with what I thought was a fun game for us. In prior years, we’ve gone over an exam students have done already, or we’ve taken an exam in real-time. This year I’m rolling two classes into one review session in a room without enough desks for us. Sure, I could have done what we usually do and even met in a different space, but I wanted to integrate something different into the evening. They would need some time to connect with kids they are not in class with, and the game would foster that.

The rules were simple. There were two giant piles of problems and an answer key. Students received 1 point for each correct problem as well as an opportunity to shoot a free throw outside to get a second point. For each fully correct page of 4-7 problems, they would get a 3-point shot opportunity. As I checked their answers, they would put stickers on the correct ones. We had “The Masks” for the roll of mask stickers I had and “The Irish” for the roll of St. Patrick’s Day stickers. The competition was fierce and the kids grouped into two teams of 11. We had an hour of feverish problem solving, followed by pizza and basketball. We had to change our rules – they had SO many points from math problems and we were light on basketballs so we made it 1 shot for every 4 points earned in math. After basketball (spoiler alert – we aren’t all that great at free throws and 3-pointers – I guess I should have done layups), we headed inside for more.

In the second half, the kids settled in and the pace slowed, but the math seemed more intense. I received more interest in what was missed and less frenzy to complete. Kids got more comfortable with their partners, and some lost steam. 2 hours is a long while on a Monday evening. We wrapped up with our ice cream bars outside. I made Scott pick up a lot of varieties so there was a bit of choice paralysis at the start. Kids hung out with their friends before scattering home by foot, car and, bike.