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We’ll regularly work in Delta Math in our class this year. This program provides videos and worked out examples to support our practice. It is not interactive in the sense that it doesn’t let you write on the screen or save work electronically so you will need paper or a whiteboard for your practice.


  • Simplifying Expressions
  • Statistics
  • Linear & Exponential Sequences
  • Transformations of Functions
  • Quadratics
  • Using Functions for Modeling



This year I made designed our unit for Sequences using Google Slides with a template from Slidesmania. Our practice mostly utilizes Delta Math and I used Google Jamboard for our assessment.

You can link to this and use it as is or use the links below to make a copy.

Lesson materials for you to duplicate.

Make a copy of the Slides Deck and the Jamboard. Note that the Jamboard has large empty text boxes that cover the entire page so that students will not accidentally delete the problem. If you want to modify the Jamboard, select the text box first and delete it. Then you can put new material on the page as desired.

If you make a copy, please keep the attrition slide for Slidesmania and please credit Delta Math, me and any other source you use.