Floating Classroom field trip

This year the 7th grade went on their annual Floating Classroom field trip. Last year I was assigned to stay back with a few kids so this was my first time on the trip. I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I had heard about it from my own kids when they went in grade 7, so I looked forward to seeing the teacher side of things.

We had the kids in 6 groups, each led by a teacher and at least one parent chaperone. Thanks SO much to our parents for spending the day with us. It was lovely to have so many adults on our trip. I led group 2 and we spent a portion of our day alone (our hike) and we merged with group 6 for the boat ride and with group 1 for our time at the stream. In middle of the day we had a long period of time where we were able to eat, play on the playground and swim. Continue reading “Floating Classroom field trip”