Our Work Music 2021-2022

We have been enjoying listening to last year’s songs for our practice up until now. This week I received my first submission for the year. I think my classes are finally tiring of Minecraft and Disney and are ready to give us some new choices. We’ll still need our other list until I get more submissions so here is the link to our original year of work music.

One Hour of Unplugged Halo Music: Extended Edition

One Hour of Holiday Music

Vintage Holiday Music

80’s Japanese Music

Among Us


Our Work Music

This post is mostly for me to have a place to go to get our math work playlists! It is nice to have some background music as we work along in class. I am a big fan of exposing people to different music and not having kids listen to music with earbuds. I like how listening to the same music together can help us grow musically and give us a shared experience.

I played French Pop from iTunes radio for our first work day and then asked the kids for suggestions after that. Algebra class suggested Christmas music. I countered by suggesting that my son loves Disney. They thought that was a good idea. Then my son suggested the Pirates of the Caribbean music loop so we tried it. About 15 minutes in it was just too much!

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