Teaching K-12 Online – part 2

This week when schools were abruptly shut down due to Covid-19, our school rallied with teacher training. I was invited to do some of the training sessions. We determined that my focus would be Digital Assessments, Explain Everything and Workflow. Over the weekend I worked on putting presentations together for my colleagues. Our plan was to offer Google Hangout sessions (the platform our school has selected for video conferencing) to all the teachers. Each presenter would record the session for future accessibility.

Digital Assessments

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Recorded Classes with Explain Everything

This post has been on my list of things to do for so long. I was inspired to write it after our Algebra 1 midterm this year. I teach mostly Math 8 classes with one accelerated group of 8th grade Algebra students. As part of our year we had a midterm review followed by a midterm. The midterm grade was a small portion of their grade. The focus for them was to learn to study for a cumulative test and to manage the pressure as well as possible.

After the midterm we went over the test in class. I record most classes so that students can watch if they are absent. This allows the kids to come back to school caught up or close to caught up. Sometimes I don’t record if everyone is present. The day we went over the midterm Jordan was absent. I recorded the class as we went through the most missed questions.

Ms. Dawson I was talking to you!

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Teaching K-12 Online – part 1

A few years ago I went back to teaching after a really long gap of staying home with my kids. During those years home Common Core was instituted, SmartBoards were invented and a lot about the education world changed. There were a few things that made my entry back easier than it could have been.

  • I went back as a long term sub
  • The SmartBoard in the room I taught in was broken
  • I was already really progressive with tech when I left teaching
  • My husband works in tech
  • My kids were in grades 6 and 9 and were very willing to help me

There were more things, but these were the essentials. At the core of this was the fact that my students were not at all used to being taught with tech because of the broken SmartBoard. I had the gift of time to innovate given the conditions I was working with. I wrote this post on my husband’s blog about my journey into tech.

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