NYS Testing

Our students take a New York State Test in early May each year. While students may opt out, please note that our Math 8 final is designed in a state test format. The goal for this is to help all students experience this type of testing before they enter required High School mathematics exams. You may not opt out of the high school end of year state exams in high school and must pass them to move forward ot the next class. As such, with both my “teacher hat” and “parent hat” on, I recommend that you give your child the opportunity to practice this style of testing by not opting out of state tests.

List of Topics

This content document lists the Math 8 topics.

Computer Based Testing (CBT)

Our school is using computer based testing for the state tests this year in grades 3-8. They will use their touch screen Chrome books to do their work and submit their answers. Note that students may still use scrap paper, but any work to be counted toward a score must be copied over onto the scratch pad area of the computer based testing platform.

To kick things off, please visit the two websites below that give you sample questions and insight into these tools. They are not the actual test, but they show you what the test will look like, the types of questions etc.

What device will my child use?

Your child will take this on a Chrome book with a touch screen.

When will my child take the New York State Math test?

Our scheduled dates are Tueday April 26th and Wednesday April 27th. They are administered from 8:00 – 10:30 both days.

How will taking it on the computer affect my child’s test accommodations?

This is an area that is AWESOME for kids with test accommodations. The teacher can go in and set this up in advance so that your child’s accommodations are in place right when they start the test. Need the test read? Your child can now take the test in the same place as peers while wearing headphones. Regardless of your child’s accomodation plan, you may be assured that those accomodations will be provided.

How will my child prepare?

We will have class time to play with the platform. Since your child is used to using digital tools, this preparation will take a small portion of our class time. My intention is to integrate it into class warm-ups and exit tickets in the months before the exam.

My child is opting out. Why should they prepare?

Starting with High School Algebra your child will be required to take state exams to demonstrate proficiency in the course. To receive the required high school credit for graduation, they must pass both the course and the end of year state exam. Grades 3-8 state testing is good practice for these required tests.

I plan to offer a final exam modeled after the state test at the end of the year. It will help all students practice taking an end of year cumulative test that is rigorous and in line with what the state expects them to know by the end of 8th grade.

What can I (as parent or guardian) do to help?

You can encourage your child to stay on top of their coursework, keep their Chrome book in good repair, and support them by reminding that testing is just an opportunity to show where they are at a moment in time. Keep the pressure low and be supportive. When state testing (or any testing) happens, support them by encouraging good sleep and offering a nutritious breakfast/reminding them to take time for school breakfast.