State Test Preparation

On the Engage New York Site, they have published “released” state test questions. I attended a workshop this fall where we discussed how to effectively use data from test results. One thing we did was to look through the testing results question by question to see how our kids fared topic by topic. By looking at the released questions we got a solid idea of what ways the kids could have been led astray on a question, how certain questions were very strong and others were weak. I took the released questions from 2017 and plan to use them as part of our classroom materials.

One thing that our principal is very interested in is distilling things down to an Essential Question. When I went to his Essential Question training this fall, he challenged us to create an essential question for our curriculum. He challenged us to create a question that was specific to one unit, but my novice training led me to something broad for the year instead.

How can I use math to turn things I do not know into things I do know?

I put this question up on the wall in my room and try to remember it as we are learning new things. Instead of calling these state testing questions I’ve decided to use them as essential question material. I’ve taken each released question and listed the skill required to point us back to the unit we learned this material in. I had originally planned to use them as warm-ups, but because all of these questions require a warmed up and ready brain, I’m instead going to use them mid-class or at the tail end of a class period when the kids are more able to give it a full focused effort.

All of these questions are available in their original form here. I’ve used the released questions from the 2017 Grade 7 Math test. Thank you to Engage NY for providing them to the public for use. View the Reference Sheet allowed for all the booklets.

Booklet #1.
Note: These questions all allow use of a reference sheet but no calculator. 

Booklet #2
Note: These questions all allow use of a reference sheet and a calculator. 

Booklet #3 (Coming Soon)