November 2-5

  • Math 8 students are in the middle of our Geometry Unit! Ask them about transformations (reflections/dilations/rotations/translations). We’ve just started multiple transformations.
  • Algebra students are nearing the end of our Equations and Inequalities unit. Ask them about their beautiful inequalities graphs or have them show you how cool it is to solve systems of inequalites on the computer.
  • Our grades are in Brightspace. This means that if you go into Brightspace as a parent, you can see your child’s assignments and feedback/grades. I update the overall average in School Tool each week, but you will need to go into Brightspace for detailed information. I realize this is different from most and perhaps all of your child’s other classes.


  • Most of our Algebra kids and about 1/3 of our Math 8 students are really embracing the iReady process. I would so appreciate it if you help your child make a plan to hit their weekly goal. Students have a choice to set a time based goal (45 minutes or longer) or a lesson based goal (2 lessons or more) each week.
  • Students need to SUBMIT their reflection. We have modeled this in class. I also gave them this video as a reminder as needed.


  • Our grade is doing SO well with their IXL work. I’m really proud of the effort they are giving their studies through this instant feedback platform. I’m finding it incredibly effective for instruction. If your child is interested in working on our choice boards at home, they are excellent ways to hit mastery on the skills we are working on. I have had several students share that they are in fact taking time at home to improve on their understanding. We have a choice board for both Math 8 and Algebra for our respective skills.

Class Recordings & Virtual Class

  • We are hitting cold/flu season and it is different than pre-Covid times. PLEASE encourage your child to watch the class recording posted each day in their class if they have to be absent and feel up to staying up with the work.
  • I’m happy to have students join us on our Google Meet if they are out. Just have your child email BEFORE class so that I know to open our meet for that period.

Prior Weeks