October 18-22

This week we wrapped up our first unit in both classes! We are reflecting on our effort and results and preparing to to our best on the second unit. For Math 8 this is Geometry and for Algebra this is equations and inequalities.

We also started work where we left off on our portfolios from grade 7. I’m pretty excited to guide students through making their Math 8 or Algebra page and helping them select work and reflect on their work at different periods in the year. Algebra will be doing this unit by unit and Math 8 will be marking period by marking period. This staggers us a bit and allows me to learn from each experience. Some Math 8 students are starting a bit of work on the general portion of their portfolio and I put a few guiding videos in Brightspace for them. Algebra students all had class time last week to get started with creating their page for Algebra and starting to select materials and reflect on their work.


We have completed our 2nd week of iReady lessons. Students are starting to understand the process a little more. It is pretty straightforward. Here goes:

  1. Fill out the jamboard with your goal for the week (or 5 weeks – we have about 10 students in the grade trusting themselves to set a 5 week goal and do a bit each week. This means they only have to submit one assignment and track their own progress). It allows them to cluster it all together too. I have one student who completed their goal the first week and submitted that assignment. See my sample here.
  2. Complete the iReady goal they set for themselves. Students are reminded in class pretty much daily and they have study hall time if they have a study hall or after school/eve. I set the deadline for Saturday because I know some students are juggling a lot during the week.
  3. Reflect and submit. Here is a video showing how to submit. This is a process they use in Science and some of their other classes. You may want to support them with deleting files once they upload. This keeps the Chromebook speed a bit faster for them.


We will keep using IXL to support our learning. The kids are doing really well with this program for practice. There are many cool things for us as we get into inequalities for Algebra and Geometry for Math 8. Because both require spatial awareness and practice, the computer driven questions allow us SO much more practice opportunity than traditional pen/paper OR alternate things like Jamboard that I relied heavily on last year.

I noticed in our scientific notation work that the Math 8 students who were cooperating along with me and completing work really had a strong understanding of how to manipulate the numbers. When I asked questions in class I could see brains processing and “seeing” what was happening to the numbers instead of just having memorized a rule.

Some of our kids are finding this practice in IXL is making them feel more confident to take risks in class and volunteer more readily.


I record class daily. Students that miss for a band lesson, ortho appointment or for any other reason typically have no trouble getting right up to speed if they watch the video and stay up with the work. Everything is in Brightspace and if a student can’t find something, I reply to email pretty quickly.

Want to find assignments and Grades?

We are getting into the practice of checking our grade in Brightspace on the first day back each week. Students generally have demonstrated to me that they are able to find their grade and assignment feedback. If your child needs support, watch this short video.

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