September 27 – October 1


Here is a short video showing you how your child (and you) can check grades in Brightspace for Algebra or Math 8. I’m using Lavinia Library Test User to show you this and I’m using her Algebra class pretend scores. The process is the same for both classes.


In Algebra we’ve been working through an 8th grade review topic: solving systems of linear equations. This is a foundational topic for Algebra 1 that allows us to practice a lot of very needed basic skills and gives a chance to comfortably start to introduce the TiNspire calculator. Because the calculators can’t go home with students, I’ve advised kids to consider using Study Hall time to come in and get theirs to start to get comfortable with it. I’ll have some activities available to help support that practice in the coming weeks.

Math 8

We had our first Quiz in Math 8 on Friday. This wraps up our Math 7 Review Unit. This week we’ll start to shift the way we learn. We’ll head away from full group instruction all the time and start to mix things up by working in groups. Students should have their earbuds with them in class. We’re still struggling with students needing invitations to take out materials. Most kids are doing better with charging their Chromebook at home. Check in with your child to continue to support this. Arriving in class with materials ready to go and a charged device really helps us use our 42 minutes effectively.


Almost every 8th grader has completed the Math iReady! In the assignment feedback, I’ve attached their Diagnostic 1 Results. We’ll use this as our starting point for growing math skills this year. Students will be working with me soon to set personal iReady goals. These goals will be key in our self-reflection piece of our class.


We record class daily (unless we’re doing something that is not at all recordable – which will happen when we are doing station work and assessments). This is placed at the top of “The Important Thing” in that day’s material. Please have your child check Brightspace if they are absent AND feeling well enough to do the work.

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