September 13-17

We kicked off our week with an introduction to class norms and routines. We also practiced submitting in Brightspace. To do this, we used review content. I’m pleased to share that most students arrive to class with a charged Chrome book, composition book and folder. Next week we’ll begin our official first unit. For Algebra this is a review of Math 8 topics important for Algebra success and for Math 8, this is a review of Math 7 topics important for success.

Key Reminders

  • Please designate a spot at home for charging Chrome books. We use these devices every day. It is essential that they arrive to class with a charged device.
  • Consider sending you child with a water bottle.
  • Our calculators are for in school use. Each student will be assigned a specific calculator to use in their class next week.

Course Outline and Expectations

Our course outline is in Brightspace for your child to view all year. We went through it during the first week of school, but I did not send a paper home for you to sign. The key details here so that you can also access it without logging into Brightspace.

  • Grades are in Brightspace with feedback. School Tool will be updated weekly with current overall average.
  • Grade breakdown 40% classwork/projects, 30% quizzes & tests, 30% self assessment/growth
  • We will work with portfolios for the self assessment/growth piece.
  • We have 3 iReady Diagnostic tests this year. Each week students are expected to complete and pass one iReady lesson (70% or higher). I’ll connect with students individually to discuss results of iReady.
  • We will also be using IXL and Delta Math as our key digital things. We’ll use other things like Quizzes, Quizlet and a few other digital platforms.

Right now our desks are all set up to face the same direction – the front of the room. We will be doing some partner/team work and our seating will change to suit what we are doing. This is our classroom during the first week.

Our Classroom