Area and Perimeter Project (2017)

In grade 7 pre-Algebra we have hit the ground running FAST with the Engage New York Module 3 curriculum. I absolutely adore this unit, but it is a lot of material packed in incredibly fast for the kids. It expects them to have very solid knowledge of all fraction operations and very good recall of solving one and two step equations. Before the Common Core curriculum, much of grade 7 was spent learning how to solve one and two step equations.

As with any class the spread is great in the pre-Algebra class and everyone is working to adjust from the double blocks of math they had in grade 6 to what feels like a very short time to work together in grade 7. Daily I leave class thinking, “if only we could have a double block for this class.” I feel like a lab period every other day would be AMAZING! Continue reading “Area and Perimeter Project (2017)”

Scale Drawing Project (2017)

This project is designed for the 7th grade Engage New York Math curriculum for Module 1. It involves the topics taught from lesson 16-20. I tried to include all the concepts introduced in the tail end of this module in project form. If you have standard 40-45 minute periods expect this project to last about 5 days.

We kicked off the project with an animated Google Presentation that I posted on my website and in Google Classroom after we went through it in class. This was helpful for students who missed the class.  I still needed to go through the presentation with each student who missed class but it was nice to have the presentation guiding us as it enabled me to help other students who were staying after school for other reasons. I could help multiple students a little more easily. Continue reading “Scale Drawing Project (2017)”