Pi Day 2020

Wow were we lucky!! Our classes squeaked in Pi day on 3.13, Friday before the actual day of Pi celebration. In grade 8 our curriculum focus is on learning the volume of spheres, cylinders and cones. So, what did we do? Well of course we brought in foods with these shapes. Our Algebra students joined in the festivities with a review day.

Thank you parents!

Our parents signed up to bring Bugles (conical shaped snack foods), ice-cream cones, ice-cream (and to scoop ice-cream for us), Lindt truffles, malted milk balls, grapes, breadsticks, donut holes and much much more. We had no shortage of food to enjoy for our celebration.

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Pi Day! (2018)

Gail Brisson nabbed some pictures for us as the kids were rotating through each station. View our slideshow below. Read on for more about our Pi Day celebration. Many thanks to our 3 parent volunteers that helped us with the day. We really appreciate your help! Many thanks to our judges and to all the Math 7 team members that made this day possible. It was a lot to coordinate but we pulled it off.

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