Spirit Week 2019!

I record all my fitness on Strava. Last week I noticed they had a contest – miles for pizza. The more you run the more free pizza you get from a pizza shop in the NYC area. Hmm … we haven’t been to NYC in awhile. Maybe we can plan a trip. Soon I had planned out a trip that would cost a fair amount of money to get my FREE pizza. No trip. No pizza. My common sense kicked in.

Still, Spirit week was coming up in our school. Some kids get really into it, but it is hard to get a critical mass of kids to really jump in with two feet. What about a little contest? I decided to offer the math class with the highest percentage of participation a sweet treat on the Monday after Spirit week ends. We had some great spirit in the 8th grade. I wasn’t so sure if my contest had anything to do with anything until kids started reminding me to count, take the picture and until one student said, “I’m only doing this for the contest.” Yup, that’s what I needed to hear.

Sometimes contests are important because life’s just more fun when you join in. We all need a nudge from time to time!!

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