Lessons in Virtual Teaching

Berklee Online & FLX Fitclub

Last winter my son was a high school sophomore. He is interested in saxophone performance studies in college and his career goal is to be a woodwind doubler on Broadway. He and I sat down and started to look at online college class options before the pandemic even hit. We looked at the information for Berklee Online and watched examples of the classes. They give you a great window into the course by releasing part of a module for you to get a solid idea of the style. This includes a sample video lesson, as well as the other materials. He made a plan for a possible summer class after assessing just how busy he was with high school.

Then the pandemic hit. Suddenly he was not so busy and thought, “I’m gonna give this a go.” This turned out to be the absolute BEST decision ever for more reasons than one.

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Jamboard for Review & Teams

This post shares our experiences with using Jamboard for group work!

Getting Started

There was an assignment. It consisted of just a few problems and students were working in small groups for it. I enjoyed looking at the different techniques and styles the kids had for solving the problems. With Jamboard you can see their creativity come out. Do they draw on the board? Insert pictures? Add colors and fun text or keep it simple? Do they show a lot of work or just a little? Everyone has a different style.

One pair really made my day. They did the math part and then they added a page at the end – a collage that just showed how much fun they had together. They were collaborating in a breakout room on a Google Meet. One student was in person 2 days a week and the other learning fully virtually. I like Jamboard because it makes it easy to collaborate together. Here is their mini topic Jamboard.

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Using Jamboard for Math

Last year my son’s Chemistry teacher created a lot of assignments in Jamboard. He proudly showed me his work. At the time my Algebra kids were humming along with taking pictures of their work on paper. I was intrigued by his projects though and offered up the option to them to give it a try. The class agreed that it was too challenging to write on and it worked just fine to take pictures.

Math 8 was a different story. When I opened it up to them they were mixed. Some students preferred the format and others were really frustrated by it. Our school was using Google Classroom at the time and classroom played very well with my iPad. I could pull their pictures into it, mark them up and grade easily. It didn’t play nicely with Jamboard. So, last spring I offered Jamboard alternatives to students who wanted to use them but stuck with mostly traditional pictures of work.

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